Add WooCommerce Products Directly to the Google Shopping API


Google Shopping is becoming a staple in the online retail marketing mix. This is likely because advertisers can experience higher CTR (click-through rates) and better qualified leads with Google Shopping’s Product Listing Ads compared to text ads.


If you’re familiar with Product Listing Ads, then you know that they rely on submitting all of your product data to your Google Merchant Center. You also know that this can be a very difficult and time-consuming process if you are creating a data feed by exporting your WooCommerce Product data.

Woogle simplifies this process a lot. The plugin enables a direct (API) integration between your WooCommerce store and your Google Merchant Center. Once configured, there is no need to export data or even upload a feed. Each product you enable for Google Shopping is submitted to your Merchant Center.

GIF: No Feeds! Add A WooCommerce Variable Product to Google Merchant Center


Woogle also keeps important product data in sync like stock status, sale pricing and sale pricing schedules. This data can be updated “offline” meaning that it doesn’t rely on an admin or user to update a stock status from ”in stock” to “out of stock” when a product sells out.

The plugin excels at integrating critical best practices with simple and variable products in WooCommerce. For example, if your store uses an attribute like “size” or “color” to create product variations, Woogle will properly submit the each variation as part of a product group to your Google Merchant Center.

If you need to add or optimize other product data that Google requires, Woogle supplies all of the options you need alongside your regular product data in WooCommerce.

Ready to Woogle?

Woogle Shopping is available to purchase and download at WoogleShopping. The plugin comes with a license key, online support and access to updates for 1 year. The license can be renewed for another year of support and updates at 30% of the listed price. The authors recommend that everyone check out the Quickstart documentation and contact them from the Woogle website with pre-sale questions.

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