Fast – Secure – Reliable Managed WordPress Hosting

Few people enjoy the hassle or have the required expertise to set up, monitor and maintain a WordPress site. Most of us value the reliability of the provider and just focus on the content of our websites. For all of us untroubled managed hosting is way to go. is a platform offering fast, secure and reliable managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting means that you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of maintaining your site. The service offers a panel designed specifically for WordPress needs. It is simple and easy to use, making the task of managing a WordPress site a joy, even for beginners. For example, updating all plugins is a matter of a few clicks. No need to worry about taking backups, uploading files etc. Of course, developer tools are also available for more experienced users so you will still have the level of control you need (ssh access, wp-cli, git etc.) over your website.

Speed takes pride in providing lightning fast WordPress hosting. We achieve this by carrying out all necessary configuration and tweaks for you, so you don’t have to worry about performance. An array of caching servers is used to cache static files. Not just one but multiple database servers handle all the requests. Our load balancer splits the traffic among our servers. We also offer HTTP/2 to websites on demand for increased performance and speed. These are just few of our tricks, we have more. 😉

Security takes a number of measures to keep your WordPress site secure. We use the latest Apache and PHP versions, ensuring increased security against newly discovered vulnerabilities. Similarly, we constantly apply the latest updates to WordPress core and plugins. Any request to a website hosted on is filtered through our implementation of an Application Layer Firewall, and malicious requests are blocked. A free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt is provided for your site. We install it for you and we make all the necessary changes to your WordPress installation.

Reliability relies on Google’s Cloud DNS service, a globally distributed DNS platform. Your site is always on, as it is hosted simultaneously on a cluster of servers. This means that, if one server is down or under DDoS attack, there is always another one to take its place, and if a website needs more resources will automatically allocate them. Also, because each file is available to many web servers at the same time, if one server fails completely, nothing is really lost.

Last but not least, our bespoke incremental backup system takes snapshots of each website as regularly as every one hour and keeps it for a period of 60 days. So if things go awry, a website can always be reverted to a previous state at any point.

Managed WordPress hosting

The above points are enough to make us stand out, however, there is something that makes us even more special: We take the time to get to know you! This sets the foundation for a good collaboration.

24/7 Expert Support

Whether you are a beginner, a power user or a developer, talk to us. We are always available to lend a hand. We are friendly, knowledgeable and will happily assist you with any task, simple or more challenging.

Plans and Pricing

Plans start at approximately $10 (€10) per month for a single site. All plans include a 15 day trial period, during which you pay nothing at all. Whether you have one website or a hundred, we can help you migrate them to our platform seamlessly within 24 hours, for free. If you have any specific needs don’t hesitate to contact us, we can create a bespoke plan covering those needs.

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