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Codester is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers of all sorts of web development assets. If you’re looking for an upgrade for your WordPress driven web page, then you really want to know what Codester is all about. In this article we’re going to talk about what Codester can offer to WordPress webpage developers.

You can get a wide array of WordPress themes and plugins on Codester. These two are essential for any WordPress driven web page functionality. If you want your website to work impeccably then you need to have proper theme and all necessary plugins. And Codester really has a wide offer.

WordPress themes

Themes give your web page visual identity. Design and layout of your theme depends on the category your page belongs to. This digital market offers a number of themes that you can later customize to your liking. If you want to see what the theme you are interested in looks like, you can have a live demo. By a single click of a button, you will be able to decide whether it works for you or not. Here are some of the categories Codester covers:

  • Architecture
  • Beauty
  • Blog & Magazine
  • Business
  • eCommerce
  • Education
  • Event
  • Fashion
  • Hotel
  • News
  • Photography

Of course these are only some of the categories that are available on Codester, the list goes on.

WordPress plugins

If you want your webpage to work better, add extra security or install a useful widget then you need WordPress plugins. These are little pieces of software that you install on your webpage to improve it. Let’s say there’s a certain type of MENU that you need and your WordPress theme doesn’t support it. You can find a plugin that will allow you to install that type of MENU and make your page easier to navigate. Same as with the themes, there are different lines of plugins for your WordPress website.

  • Advertising
  • Backup
  • eCommerce
  • Forms
  • Gallery
  • Interface elements
  • Newsletter
  • SEO
  • Sliders
  • Social networking and many others.

You can either buy or sell both types of WordPress content on Codester.

Why is Codester a great WordPress software source?

Codester allows you to buy themes and plugins for WordPress in just a few easy steps. The first thing that you’re going to notice when you get on Codester page is that it’s simple. It has a minimalistic design that allows you to browse freely and find what you need. All you need to do is sign up and browse for your piece of software. All themes and plugins that you acquire on Codester market are tested and approved by their staff. Also, the content that you purchase is customizable so you can adapt it to your web page.

If you are a WordPress developer and you want to make some quick money, maybe even start a business, Codester has something for you. You can create your own account, upload your WordPress theme or plugin and that’s it. After a while your product will be verified and available on the market. Sell your work on Codester and get 70% commission each time someone buys your product.

Benefits of using Codester for WordPress

Building websites takes a lot of time and effort. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to create a content on your own and freelancers cost too much. Codester offers you a wide array of products that you can download momentarily. It saves you time, money and you can edit the content if you think it needs some adjusting.

All the software that you buy on Codester is checked by team of experts so the quality is assured. Most of the software offers regular free updates and backup. So you get a full service and you are safe that you bought a quality piece of software.

Developers have a greater chance of creating their business here. Instead of waiting for someone to offer you a project, create your own WordPress theme or plugin and place it on the market.


Time is money and wasting time means waste of your resources. Codester offers all WordPress developers a chance to connect, buy or sell their products. It’s an easy to use platform with a wide variety of WordPress themes and plugins. All content is available for instant download and possible to customize. Have you already used Codester for any of your WordPress projects? Let us know in the comments bellow what WordPress content troubles you the most. Also, share any other experience you’ve had with Codester lately.

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