Chatwing Group Chat Room for Websites Includes iPhone and Android Chat App Builder

Chatwing chat room software for websites and mobile app builder enables any website to fully customize and add a live chat room in minutes along with building their own branded iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Android App.

Chatwing Chat Room for website and mobile app builder

One of the main advantages of the premium version of Chatwing versus all other group chat room software is that Chatwing allows your chat to support unlimited users. That is right, UNLIMITED Users! All group chat room platforms provide a hosted solution on the web charge based on usage, so the more users you have the more you must pay. Chatwing has changed the rules and provides unlimited usage, unlimited messaging and unlimited features for your own group chat room all for just $14 per month(or $11.20/mo paid annually).

This same service will cost you up to 100X more per month for a busy chatroom that is $1,400 versus Chatwing $14! It is even possible to take this unlimited feature a step further and set how many users you want to allow inside your chat, do you want just 15 users, or 150 users, or 1500 users or 9900 users?! Simply input the number inside your Chatwing dashboard that you want to allow and that’s it.

Chatwing chat room customers get access to official mobile and desktop apps for both the customer and their entire user base.

Another radical feature is to integrate your own WordPress Website Account system so once your users are logged into your website they are automatically logged into the chat. To activate this simply select “Auto Login with Your Website’s Account”.

The Chatwing chat room for website platform also integrates your WordPress site and account system into a custom branded white-label iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Android Chat App that can be available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Android.

Your own WordPress mobile app powered by Chatwing features the ability to integrate multiple chat rooms, which allow users to get new message push notifications and see new message counts next to each room which is very helpful to identify which channels have new chat activity when the app is opened. Also, earn money by integrating your own Google Admob account so ads will display inside your app, it is just a matter over saving the code in your Chatwing dashboard and Google starts paying you direct.

Chat room app builder

Control the app in real-time even after its live in the App Store’s including having a forum, live radio stream or podcast episodes for on demand listening, RSS Feed, social media pages, and the ability to send push all notifications to all users who have the app anytime.

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