Boost your rates in a day with Toolset’s Custom Types Training Course

I have a question for Joe.

I watched your course. It is great and I have to say that without it, I will not have fully appreciated the power of Toolset. However, in your bid to be brief, you have sacrificed some steps that would have aided understanding.

For example, in the course of designing an archive page, or in fact before that, in your video on designing a single post, you did not really show how to add the toolset fields to the template. You only showed how to add the image. For the archive video, you showed nothing. You did not even mention what URL to use to view the archive page created in the frontend. I had to google for several minutes before finding out how to do this.

After watching the Archive video, I designed the page as best I could BUT in the front end, while I can see post images, post title, etc, nothing is clickable. How do I ensure that the images and the post titles are clickable?

Also, please make more detailed videos that show every step. Too many assumptions.

Final question, instead of designing my own custom archive page, can I use the plugin Posts Table Pro instead? Please let me know.

Again, without your course, I would never have known how to use Toolset but it skips over some essential steps. Please make an extended version. Thanks.

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