HostArmada Review: WordPress Hosting on a Cloud SSD Platform

There are many factors to consider when choosing a web host, but security and speed are two of the most important without a doubt. No matter how many best practices you follow or what you do to optimize your site’s performance, if your server includes vulnerabilities and is slow to respond to requests, you’ll struggle to meet your goals.

Cloud-based hosting delivers both speed and security, which is why you may want to look into HostArmada. This provider’s servers are fully optimized for WordPress, and its plans offer many features and resources to help you maintain your site properly.

In this review, we’ll discuss the benefits of cloud-based WordPress hosting and give you an overview of how HostArmada delivers them. Then we’ll dive into four specific areas in which this provider excels. Let’s get to it!

An Introduction to HostArmada’s Cloud-Based WordPress Hosting

HostArmada specializes in cloud-based web hosting. This means that resources and customer data are spread across multiple servers, which has several benefits.

Cloud hosting is generally more secure than a traditional web server setup since your website is stored in multiple locations. It also typically provides faster loading times, as distributed resources lead to less strain on those servers.

On top of that, HostArmada also uses Solid State Drive (SSD) storage for all its hosting plans, which further enhances site performance. All of this comes with managed WordPress features such as one-click installation, automatic backups, and increased stability for this platform in particular.

Pricing is also highly affordable – plans start at just $2.69 per month for your first year. You can easily upgrade in just a few clicks to gain access to more resources as your site grows:

Upgrading your hosting services in your HostArmada account dashboard.

All in all, HostArmada ticks a lot of the boxes for a quality WordPress hosting provider.

4 Reasons to Choose HostArmada for Your WordPress Site

We’ve already covered a few key benefits HostArmada provides, but let’s take a closer look at why you might want to consider this host over other options.

1. Cloud-Based Hosting Is More Secure Than Traditional Hosting

We already mentioned that cloud hosting is generally more secure than storing your site on a single server. However, HostArmada has taken additional steps to protect every WordPress site it services.

HostArmada servers are protected by two firewalls, and its security specialists have followed best practices to prevent 99 percent of cyberattacks. Pair this diligence with the built-in redundancy of cloud-based servers and hackers will find it hard to take your site down.

Additionally, user account isolation prevents websites owned by different users that are stored on the same server from interfering with one another. This eliminates a major security issue faced by traditional shared hosting customers while keeping costs down.

2. SSD Storage Provides Increased Speed and Uptime

SSD storage uses flash-based memory instead of mechanical hard disks to speed up server – and therefore website – performance. By decreasing loading times, you can provide a superior online experience for your site’s visitors and encourage them to spend more time browsing your pages.

Additionally, HostArmada has specifically optimized its servers for WordPress to provide the best performance. If you’re still not satisfied with your loading times, you can reach out to the Technical Support team and work with them one-on-one to find more opportunities to increase your page speed.

3. WordPress-Specific Features and Resources Make Maintaining Your Site Easier

Of course, any top-tier WordPress hosting provider must offer high-quality management features as part of its plans. HostArmada delivers on this front as well, with services including:

  • One-click WordPress installation to help get your site up and running fast
  • Automatic daily backups with one-click restoration in the event of an emergency
  • The latest available PHP version to create an ideal hosting environment for your WordPress site
  • Free WordPress site transfers if you’re moving from another provider

HostArmada also offers a huge online library of resources for WordPress users, including tutorials for a variety of key tasks. You can also find blog posts on the latest platform news, as well as tips and tricks for improving your site.

4. It Uses the Familiar cPanel Interface for Site and Domain Management

An element of web hosting that’s often overlooked is ease of use when it comes to account and site management. Access to a user-friendly hosting control panel is key to streamlining tasks such as managing your bill, upgrading your plan, or even adding more sites or domains to your account.

For file, database, domain, and email management, HostArmada uses a customized version of the popular cPanel interface:

The HostArmada cPanel interface.

Many hosts rely on this control panel to enable clients to access their site’s files and database tables with ease. You can also install WordPress, set up custom email addresses, and more all from this dashboard.

For account management, HostArmada provides a simple and easy-to-navigate interface:

The HostArmada account dashboard.

From here you can check or pay your bill, register a new domain, upgrade your services, and other key tasks. Everything is clearly labeled and simplified so you can make changes to your account fast.


A quality WordPress hosting provider is priceless. Which company you choose will influence your website’s speed and security for years to come. It can also help or hinder your site management responsibilities.

In this post, we reviewed HostArmada’s cloud-based SSD WordPress hosting, including the following key benefits:

  1. Cloud hosting is more secure than traditional web hosting.
  2. SSD storage provides increased speed and uptime.
  3. WordPress-specific features and resources make maintaining your site easier.
  4. HostArmada uses the familiar cPanel interface for site and domain management.

Do you have any questions about HostArmada’s cloud-based WordPress services? Ask away in the comments section below!

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