5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty for your Online Store

“How can I get my customers to come back for more?” That’s a question asked by many online business owners. It is one thing to attract new customers, but getting repeat customers is a different ball game. After all, retaining customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new business. This increases profits by lowering marketing costs. … Read more

The Best WordPress Agencies and Design Studios

Today we are going for something different here at WP Mayor, we’re taking a look at the best WordPress agencies, companies, and studios around the world. These are teams that have constantly been producing top-notch WordPress websites for a number of years, and their people are well known in the WordPress community. They can serve … Read more

WordPress and WooCommerce Multisites: An Overview

WordPress Multisite and WooCommerce Multisite are powerful pieces of software that you can use in tandem to manage multiple online stores. But, do you need them? They’re incredibly useful in situations where you want to manage a network of online stores in one place. But, there may be certain features you need that aren’t available. … Read more