Best Twitter Plugins for WordPress

There is no doubt that Twitter is an essential tool when blogging, and therefore we also need some plugins to maximise Twitter’s benefit for our blog. The plugins I am going to mention will enable you to achieve these two important functions: Posting tweets on Twitter whenever you publish a new post. Get your recent … Read more

How to Use WordPress Tags and Categories

Categories and Tags are two useful tools for organizing the contents of your WordPress blog or site. Depending on the nature of your content, you might end up using one or the other, or even both of them simultaneously. It is important to make the choice early on, preferably from day 1 to avoid complications … Read more

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

Do you find the fact that WordPress sets the commenting functionality on for all posts, pages, and custom post types by default annoying? Now we have a solution to that, just add the following to your functions.php file, paying attention to the switch conditions. Here we are disabling commenting on all new pages and ‘truck’ … Read more